Keeping Your Property Safe During Dark Nights

October is not only National Homes Security Month, but also the month that sees the nights becoming darker and longer.

For landlords, it is important to not only keep your own home safe, but your tenants’ too.

Keeping Your Property Safe During Dark Nights

Keeping Your Property Safe During Dark Nights

With the clocks going back soon, ensure you follow our tips on protecting your property before the darker nights draw in.

Moving further into the autumn and winter, it is vital to be practical and secure when assessing safety measures. This does not mean living in fear, but our advice should keep your investment safe.

  • Adequate lighting – You could consider installing motion-sensitive lighting above doors, porches, garages and any entrances to gardens. These will let your tenants know when somebody’s around. Additionally, you could encourage renters to use timers on their indoor lights if they plan to go out for long periods.
  • Burglar alarms – Deter thieves and give your tenants peace of mind by fitting a burglar alarm.
  • Padlocks – Over the winter, your tenants may be away visiting family or friends. As such, you should ensure that you fit and encourage them to use padlocks or bolts on all gates.
  • Window locks – Locking windows can often slip people’s minds, but it is an easy task, especially as many people won’t be opening their windows throughout the winter. Advise your tenants to lock their upstairs and downstairs windows, particularly those that can be easily accessed.
  • Car keys – Vehicle theft is increasingly common and thieves often target letterboxes, as many people leave their car keys on a table or desk near the front door. Suggest your tenants keep their keys out of sight.
  • Social media – You may have noticed you friends putting every detail of their lives on Facebook or Twitter, but thieves use this to target potential victims. If your property is going to be empty, you or your tenants should never say so online.
  • Landlord insurance – The basics of protecting your property lie with your landlord insurance. Ensure that your policy covers damage to the home and you can sit back and enjoy the festive season.

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