Land Registry Warns of New Property Scam

The number of property scams appears to be on the rise, with the latest warning coming from the Land Registry.

Land Registry Warns of New Property Scam

Land Registry Warns of New Property Scam

This phishing scam uses fake emails appearing to be sent by the Land Registry.

The emails state: “The document attached is an official requisition reminder or letter from Land Registry. It is not a circular and relates either to an application you have lodged with us or a property in which you have an interest. No paper copy of the item of correspondence will be sent to you.

“The document is in ‘Portable Document Format’ (HTML) which replicates the appearance of the hard copy version. You will need to open the document with your internet browser.”1

The Land Registry notes that any email genuinely sent out by the organisation has a sender domain name ending in The fake emails come from other domains.

Anyone who believes they have received a fraudulent email appearing to be from the Land Registry should follow these steps:

  • Do not open the attachment or follow any links – these may infect your computer with viruses, which help criminals steal data.
  • Do not reply to the email.
  • Forward the email to – the Land Registry will not respond to these emails, but examines each case.
  • If you have lost money or information, or if your computer has been taken over by a phishing or malware attack, report it to Action Fraud.
  • Delete the email.
  • If you have opened the attachment, run your anti-virus software and/or inform your IT administrator.

Another scam relating to home movers’ deposits was uncovered yesterday. Read more here:



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