Landlords, Get Involved with Clear Your Clutter Day 2017!

Saturday 11th March 2017 is officially National Clear Your Clutter Day! Landlords can get involved in the campaign by using our partner Gone for Good’s handy (and free) app…

Clear Your Clutter Day was created to help you clear your properties of unwanted goods in environmentally friendly and cost effective ways – through selling, upcycling, swapping or recycling your goods.

Our friends at Gone for Good have joined up with the scheme to get those involved using their app to donate any belongings they’re getting rid of to charities in need.

Landlords, Get Involved with Clear Your Clutter Day 2017!

Landlords, Get Involved with Clear Your Clutter Day 2017!

As we have partnered with Gone for Good for 2017, we are also encouraging all of our landlords and property professionals to use Clear Your Clutter Day as an excuse to do something good!

Gone for Good has two main objectives:

  • To make it easier for people to donate unwanted items to charity
  • To generally encourage people to ensure useable goods don’t end up in landfill

How to get involved

Clear Your Clutter Day is a great opportunity to go around each of your rental properties (and even your own home) and pick out certain goods that you could donate. This is particularly useful if you’re in between tenants and would like to update some furniture, or if your previous tenants left a lot of their belongings behind.

It may also be a good idea to encourage your friends and fellow landlords to get involved, and perhaps set up a drop-off spot at one of your properties to make it easier for the charities to come and collect your items. This is a great idea if you only have a couple of goods to give away – the charities can only come and collect something if it has value to them.

Where to start

If you have a lot of clearing to do, or will be decluttering multiple properties, it’s good to have a plan of action. Gone for Good suggests the following:

  • Be organised – Don’t take on a whole property at once; work your way through each room and sort through your items.
  • Separate your goods – As you go through, divide the items up into keep, donate, and throw away piles (obviously donating is the best option, but anything that is worn or damaged should be thrown away).
  • Dispose of items responsibly – For the items that have little value, always throw them away responsibly. Take them to the local recycling centre or get your local council to come and take them away.
  • Donate the useable goods to charity – More valuable items can be donated easily to charity through Gone for Good. The app is free and the charities don’t charge to come and pick them up.

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