How Landlords can Help their Tenants Enjoy Christmas

Can you believe it’s only 12 days away? With Christmas just around the corner, we’re looking at ways that landlords can help their tenants enjoy the festive season in their rental homes.

If you’re a landlord, you can follow our top tips to ensure that your tenants feel cosy, comfortable and Christmassy over the coming weeks, whether they’re staying in your rental property or spending it elsewhere…

Book a periodic inspection – now!

If you haven’t conducted a periodic inspection in the last six months, now is certainly the time to do so. If you have new tenants, you should be aiming to inspect the property once every quarter. You can read our complete guide to periodic inspections here.

Try to book in a visit before Christmas if possible, so that you can listen to any of your tenant’s concerns and try to address any immediate issues before the big day. If there are minor maintenance problems in your property, getting them sorted before Christmas will go a long way to making your tenant’s home more comfortable.

Finish any repairs 

How Landlords can Help their Tenants Enjoy Christmas

How Landlords can Help their Tenants Enjoy Christmas

Additionally, if you already know that there are repairs that you need to make, it’s worth booking them in before the bad weather really hits and tradespeople become less accessible. Fixing small issues now can prevent larger problems forming during the snowy and icy weather, so don’t delay.

If your tenants are going to be away over the holidays, ask them whether you can conduct maintenance work on the property while they’re not there, which can be more convenient for all.

Let them decorate 

If you review your tenancy agreement, you may find strict clauses on how much decorating your tenants can do. While you probably won’t want them to paint or wallpaper the home, hanging some festive decorations will likely cause little damage to your property.

Your tenants may be afraid to ask whether they can put a Christmas tree up or hang some ornaments, so it may be worth sending them a friendly email, letting them know that you’re happy for them to put a tree and wreath up, but reminding them not to cause too much damage.

Plan for emergencies 

The last thing anybody wants during Christmas is a home emergency, but it can be especially difficult for landlords and tenants, who may not know who to contact or what to do if something happens.

As a landlord, you probably wouldn’t be too happy if you got a call from your tenants on Christmas morning, telling you that a pipe has burst or the boiler’s not working. Make sure you plan early by making sure they know what to do in an emergency and who to contact. This will give both you and your tenants peace of minds, so that you can relax and get into the festive spirit.

Find out if they’re going away 

At the same time, it’s a good idea to ask your tenants whether they’re going to be away for any length of time over the festive period. If they’re leaving the home empty for more than two weeks, you might want to ask whether you can visit the property to check up on it and complete any repairs that need addressing.

For vacancies of more than 60 days, we suggest that landlords look into specialist Unoccupied Property Insurance, which ensures that the home is protected when it’s empty. Otherwise, your standard Landlord Insurance may be void.

Send them a Christmas card

Although some landlords have a good enough relationship with their tenants that they’d send them a small present at Christmas time, it’s a nice thought to send them a card, even if you’re not that close.

Having a good, friendly rapport with your tenants is essential in a successful lettings business, so take the first step by sending them something kind and thoughtful – it’s always a good idea to spread the festive cheer!

While you may not be able to guarantee that your tenants will have a happy Christmas, you can take these steps to ensure that it’s more comfortable and secure for them in your property.

We wish all of our landlords and their tenants a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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