What Should Landlords look to Spring Clean?

What should landlords look to Spring clean?

Traditionally, spring is the season for homeowners to look to put their property on the market. For buy-to-let landlords, it is also a great time to try and spruce up their property with a spring clean!

Taking this into account, there are certain measures that landlords can prioritise when Spring cleaning, to give potential tenants the best first impression.

So just what measures should you take and what areas should you focus on when Spring cleaning your rental property?


  • Check the interior -Of course, the exterior of your property is what renters will see first. However, make sure simple jobs in the interior are sorted as a priority. De-clutter, give the home a proper clean through and think about adding new features, such as a rug or cushions. Fill in any holes in the walls, give the walls a lick of paint and check all fixtures and fittings. 
  • Repair the roof/walls -After the inside of your property is looking good, it is vitally important to give the exterior a thorough check. Make sure there are no leaks in the roof, all guttering is intact and there is no Japanese Knotweed on the walls!
  • Put your front foot first –Remember that the front door or gate represent the opening to your property and could be the first thing your potential tenants sees. Be sure to rid these areas of shoes, bikes or anything else making the place look untidy. Paint your front door if needed with a strong gloss finish and make sure it looks inviting.
  • Watch the windows –The quality of windows and window sills are another important feature to bear in mind. The appearance of these can play a big role in enticing tenants, so make sure they are clean, not cracked and properly painted. 
  • Get gardening –Now is the time to stop putting off weeding and generally cleaning your garden! As with the interior, be sure to de-clutter, before mowing the lawn and cutting the hedges. Also, makes sure you replace any loose fence panels and consider jet-washing the patio.
  • De-clutter the drive –Despite not the most important feature, given the fact that not all landlords will be lucky enough to have one, the driveway can still be vital in attracting tenants. Many will firstly be attracted to the fact there is off-street parking, but think about cleaning borders and adding plants to add extra appeal.


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