Landlords, Do You Regret DIY Projects in Your Property?

The latest study by home services marketplace reveals that over a third (35%) of UK homeowners regret the results of a DIY project in their home. But do landlords regret conducting DIY projects in their rental properties?

Since the UK voted to leave the EU, the property market has remained unsteady. As a result, Plentific has found that home improvements have become a more attractive option to homeowners than moving house. Depending on the size of the project, many homeowners are opting to complete the work themselves, in an effort to save money.

Landlords, Do You Regret DIY Projects in Your Property?

Landlords, Do You Regret DIY Projects in Your Property?

However, one in three find their results less than pleasing, and would have hired a specialist in retrospect.

Does this mean that the demand for trade professionals across the UK property market is only going to rise?

The research found that the younger generation struggles most with DIY projects, as half (48%) of those aged 18-34 have regretted their past results. Plentific believes that this may be down to their short time on the property ladder, and therefore lack of experience in DIY. Are first time buyers too used to having landlords conduct maintenance work for them?

Interestingly, Plentific found that Norwich (45%) and Newcastle (47%) have the highest percentage of regretful homeowners, with almost half wishing they had called in the help of a professional instead.

Meanwhile, the capital has plenty of regretful DIYers, with 40% wishing they had hired a professional. The majority of Londoners admit that this has happened on more than two occasions, suggesting that the higher cost of services in the capital is encouraging homeowners to resort to DIY solutions more often than they should.

Manchester has the highest rate of DIY satisfaction in the UK, with 77% of homeowners pleased with their results.

Although these figures suggest a variation in skills across the UK, they do indicate that there is currently a high demand for trade professionals across the country.

A spokesperson for Plentific, Stephen Jury, comments: “Cases of regretful DIY projects are not unheard of, however, these new statistics from Plentific show just how often they occur. It’s interesting to see that half of young homeowners have DIY regrets. In this current digital world, these statistics could highlight the lack of DIY knowledge in younger homeowners, and emphasise their lack of confidence when carrying out projects which their parents may have more success with.

“Whilst struggling with DIY can lead to disappointing results, hiring in the wrong trade professional is just as likely to cause regret. Some homeowners have great difficulty in finding the best specialist for the job. We verify our trade professionals and ensure that projects through Plentific are completed to the highest standard with the Plentific Guarantee.”

Landlords, would you prefer to complete DIY projects in your rental property yourself, or do you feel more comfortable hiring a professional?

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