Landlords Share Their Worst Tenant Stories

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Although we’re more used to hearing about rogue landlords in the media, there are some rogue renters out there that cause substantial damage and stress to their landlord. Here, landlords share their worst tenant stories…

Although the majority of tenants are trustworthy, responsible and reliable, the private rental sector is continuing to grow, meaning that a wide range of people are renting their homes from private landlords. And while the shocking stories that hit the press are extreme cases, problems with tenants are relatively common.

Some of the most common complaints by landlords include:

Rent arrears

All landlords are looking to make some money from their rental property, either as additional income or to cover the mortgage. Therefore, rent arrears can be devastating. Although we all know that anyone can suffer financial difficulty at any time, due to unexpected outgoings or unemployment, many landlords have to suffer the consequences.

If a tenant is unable to pay the rent, it is advised that you have an open conversation with them and try to come to an agreement, either by using a payment plan or using the deposit to cover rent arrears. If the problem persists, you may want to evict your tenant.

Landlords Share Their Worst Tenant Stories

Landlords Share Their Worst Tenant Stories

Landlords must remember that there is an easy way to ensure you still get paid, even if your tenants cannot pay the rent – Rent Guarantee Insurance. The Just Landlords policy includes cover for up to £50,000 of lost rent. Can you afford to miss out?

Property damage 

It is important to remember that most types of property damage are not intentional; it is completely normal for your rental property to suffer wear and tear in certain areas. However, many tenants can be negligent and irresponsible when it comes to someone else’s property.

It is recommended that you create a thorough inventory with photographs and detailed descriptions before your tenants move in. Our guide will ensure that you compile an extensive report that will protect your property from damage:

Although an inventory may not always prompt the tenant to take better care of the property, it will help you claim compensation for any damage.

Neighbour conflicts 

Whether it’s loud music, hoovering in the middle of the night, or leaving trash in the hallway, conflicts with neighbours can drag the landlord into unnecessary drama. To avoid the stress of dealing with neighbour conflicts, it is best to encourage both sides to settle the dispute themselves.

A good idea is to include a clause in the tenancy agreement that obliges the tenant to try to settle any conflicts themselves. Again, this does not mean that everyone will get along perfectly, but it lets the tenant know that they can’t expect you to get involved on their behalf.

Illegal activities

If your property is being used for illegal activities, such as the production and/or distribution of drugs, the issue will still affect you, even if you don’t have any knowledge of it. Alongside causing potential damage to your reputation, the tenant’s illegal activities can also cause major financial damage. Additionally, if you know about criminal activity taking place in your property but decide to turn a blind eye, you risk up to five years’ imprisonment.

To protect yourself and your property from illegal activities, look out for a Landlord Insurance policy that covers malicious damage by the tenant and unauthorised alteration. Just Landlords offers these covers as standard, along with our other 31 essential covers. Get an instant quote for the widest Landlord Insurance on the market here:

Do you have any bad tenant stories?

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