Landlords, Here’s how your Tenants can Safely Hold a BBQ at your Rental

We have truly been blessed with a fantastic summer so far this year, but the brighter weather may be encouraging your tenants to partake in an activity that you may not be completely happy about – a barbecue (BBQ).

Although it’s true that BBQs can cause damage to a property and its garden if not properly attended to, they are an essential part of the Great British summer, and your tenants will likely want to enjoy the bank holiday weekend with their friends and family.

Rather than simply banning BBQs at your property full stop, it may be a good idea to send your tenants some basic rules to consider if they do decide to host a grilling session at their rental home this bank holiday. You may also like to add this as a clause to the tenancy agreement in the future.

We have top tips for hosting a fun, yet safe, BBQ in a rental property – email these over to your tenants now, to avoid any damage while the sun continues to shine:

Make sure the BBQ is in good working order

If you have supplied your tenants with a BBQ, then summer is the perfect time to check it over and make sure it’s in a good condition. You may want to do this on your next periodic inspection.

Alternatively, if your tenants plan to use their own BBQ, make a note that they must ensure it is in good working order before lighting it.

Landlords, Here's how your Tenants can Safely Hold a BBQ at your Rental

Landlords, Here’s how your Tenants can Safely Hold a BBQ at your Rental

Put it in the right spot

BBQs should only be used on flat surfaces, so make this a rule for your tenants to follow. In addition, ensure that they only light the BBQ when it is away from sheds, trees and shrubs.

Keep people (and animals) safe 

The last thing you want to find out over the bank holiday weekend is that somebody has been injured at your property due to an unsafe BBQ. Write in the email that your tenants should ensure all children, pets and garden toys are kept away from the BBQ and its surrounding area.

Never leave the BBQ unattended 

It must also be the tenant’s obligation to never leave the BBQ unattended when it’s lit. Make this a condition of them hosting a BBQ, so that they know it’s their responsibility. This will prevent any possible accidents occurring.

Have water or sand nearby 

To avoid an accident or emergency getting out of hand, your tenant should keep a bucket of water or sand near the BBQ, to use when necessary. This should be added as a condition of BBQs being permitted in your rental property.

Avoid grass fires 

The hot, dry weather that we’ve been experiencing recently can increase the chances of grass fires, especially when flammables are nearby. To avoid this, insist that your tenants place their BBQ on non-grassy areas, such as a patio.

Stick to rules in blocks of flats 

Typically, blocks of flats have communal rules that all property owners and tenants must comply with. These usually include the ban of BBQs on balconies. If this is a rule in your particular block, remind your tenants of their responsibility to abide by it.

It is certainly possible for your tenants to enjoy a BBQ in their rental home, but it’s important that you, as the landlord, prevent as much damage as possible. By using these steps above, you can ensure that your tenants stick to your rules and keep the property safe.

Have a happy and safe bank holiday weekend, from the whole Just Landlords team!

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