Landlords warned on their gas safety duties

Part-time buy-to-let landlords in Britain are putting the lives of their tenants at risk by not adhering to basic gas safety legislation, according to new research.

A survey of 1,000 amateur landlords and 500 tenants of part-time landlords, conducted on behalf of British Gas, revealed shocking results.

Data from the report uncovered that 20% of all amateur landlords have not carried out compulsory annual gas safety checks. Even more alarmingly, more than one third of landlords whose rental property is not there main source of income said they did not know that gas safety is a legal requirement!

Barry Sheerman MP, chair of the All-Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, noted, ‘it is shocking that 38% of landlords in the non-traditional rental sector-which includes holiday lets, Airbnb accommodation and lodgers-do not know that they are legally obliged to have a safety check conducted on all gas appliances in their premises.’

‘I urge all landlords to have their gas appliances serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer on an annual basis, to ensure that they are in safe and functioning order and that holidaymaker and others staying in their properties are safe from CO poisoning,’[1]

Landlords warned on their gas safety duties

Landlords warned on their gas safety duties


If you are a buy-to-let landlord, you must be aware of your duties regarding gas safety. Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, it is imperative that you make sure all gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for tenants are safe.

Failure to comply with your gas safety obligations could not only lead to a hefty fine or imprisonment, but will see you unable to claim on your landlord insurance policy should any issues arise.

Further information on keeping up to date with gas safety legislation can be sourced from the Government website.

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