Are you Leaving your Property at Risk this Summer?

As millions of Britons prepare to pack their bags and jet off on their summer holidays, their properties could be at risk of becoming a target for thieves. Whether you’re a landlord, homeowner or tenant, you must take precautions, insists national security firm Croma.

With summer now in full swing, the company is urging people to think carefully about whether their property is at risk as they head on holiday.

Millions of us are expected to get away at some point this year, and, with the forthcoming school holidays, even more travel is forecast for July and August.

However, with burglaries on the rise (up by 9% on last year, according to the Office for National Statistics), people are being urged to make sure that their properties aren’t at risk this summer.

Roberto Fiorentino, the CEO of Croma, says: “What we’re seeing on the ground really reflects the national figures, and, furthermore, we’re seeing a real rise in criminal gangs, who are far more sophisticated when it comes to burglaries.

Are you Leaving your Property at Risk this Summer?

Are you Leaving your Property at Risk this Summer?

“The summer holidays are a prime opportunity for them to break into homes and get away with thousands of pounds worth of goods, completely uncontested.”

To help you protect your home or rental property this summer, Croma has the following advice:

Switch off your devices

Cyber security experts revealed last week that hackers can determine your exact location to within a few feet through your Google Home speaker or Chromecast device. Switch off your device and broadband while you’re away, and advise your tenants to do the same.

Be social media savvy

Bragging about the fact that you’re about to jet off to somewhere exotic could put your home at risk. While you may think that your group of Facebook friends is small, you never know who might be watching your activity, so keep quiet about your movements.

Make the property look occupied

Taking simple steps like setting lights on a timer, asking a neighbour to park on your driveway and cancelling deliveries so that they don’t pile up on your doorstep can really deter thieves. If you’re a landlord, you may want to visit the property every few days if you’re nearby, so be sure to ask your tenants if they’re going away this summer.

Put your CCTV in the right place 

There’s no point having security cameras pointing right at the front door; by the time a burglar has got that far, it’s too late. Position them further away to detect potential thieves before they get to the home with the assistance of perimeter detection. Landlords may want to monitor their property’s CCTV while tenants are away, so ask their permission.

Don’t hand them the key 

Many homeowners and tenants may leave a spare key hidden behind a plant pot or in the porch. Instead, you may want to leave it with a neighbour that you trust completely, or hand over any spares to your landlord if you’re renting. Landlords will always want to know who has access to their property.

While going on a summer holiday is exciting, it can put your property at risk. By following these steps, your home will be as protected as possible. Enjoy!

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