Landlords Caught Out by Lack of Law and Regulation Knowledge

Legal Landlord Survey

Legal Landlord Survey shows Landlords Unaware of Law and Regulation Requirements

Landlords, are you on top of the latest rules and regulations, regarding lettings law? We do our best, along with our sister company Landlord News, to keep you updated, but it is so important that you make the effort to stay connected with news sites, such as our own.

However, research undertaken by online rental platform has uncovered that a worrying amount of landlords in the UK are not complying with necessary processes and procedures.’s Legal Landlord Survey found that 91% of landlords are not handling tenants’ deposits as they are supposed to.

You are supposed to put deposits given to you in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP), within 30 days of receiving it from the tenant. Full information on what you are required to do can be found here.

90% of those surveyed were not up to date with changes to data protection law and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law that is now in place.

Gas safety appears to have been another issue for landlords involved with this research. 51% did not know how often they need to apply for a Gas Safety certificate for their rental properties. Only 32% were aware of how many smoke alarms they legally need to have in a property.

The survey further revealed that 82% of landlords are not aware of the minimum room size requirements for a bedroom in a let property. Only 18% knew that they have to provide 24 hours’ notice, before visiting their rental homes, for matters such as property inspections.

Urban director of lettings Adam Male says: “With more and more legislation coming into effect and those already in place being amended, it isn’t easy to stay in the loop.

“However, our survey looks to educate and inform UK landlords, so they stay aware of the obligations they have to their tenants in order to protect both parties and make for a more harmonious letting sector overall.”

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