Lets with Pets Encouraged for Tenants with Feline Family Members

lets with pets

There is still a stigma around allowing pets in rented properties, but with more and more tenants looking to rent long term, this may be beginning to shift.

It can be no easy task for renters to find desirable, pet-friendly accommodation, but, with build to rent properties on the rise, such factors are being increasingly considered.

Build to rent operator Atlas Residential has commented on its own aim to increase the number of pet-friendly rental properties. Jonathon Ivory, Managing Director for Atlas Residential, has said: “Research shows that one in every three pet owners can’t find a suitable property to rent.

“With 45% of the population owning pets and the number of renters increasing sharply, that’s a ridiculous situation. It’s time for landlords to stop discriminating against pet owners and welcome them with open arms.”

Cats Protection, the UK’s leading cat welfare charity, is planning to launch a campaign later this year, in order to not only encourage responsible ownership, but to soften up the approach of landlords to those looking for lets with pets. The Purrfect Landlords campaign will discuss the idea of limiting the number of cats permitted per property, as well as ensuring that cats are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

lets with pets

Lets with Pets Encouraged for Tenants with Feline Family Members

Madison Rogers, Advocacy and Government Relations Officer for Cats Protection, has said: “Cats Protection believes that people who rent should not be deprived of the companionship, affection and love that cats can bring to a household.

“We are working with landlords to encourage them to consider allowing cats through reasonable pet clauses. We hope this will reduce the painful separation some owners have to go through when they move somewhere which does not allow pets.”

Many pet-owners have found their letting agents to be ‘unhelpful’ when it comes to finding a home that allows them to keep their furry family members. Atlas Residential believes that the opposite approach should be taken. If more was done to encourage responsible ownership, it could be considered that with the reduction in stories about animals leaving lets in a ruined state, the stigma around pets could also fade.

Stephanie Smith, Director of Portfolio Operations in the UK for Atlas Residential, commented: “The makeup of the UK rental sector is changing rapidly. Over the past ten years, there has been a 74% rise in the number of households that rent their homes.

“Housing providers need to step up and ensure that the properties they offer meet the needs of potential customers – and that includes residents with four legs as well as those with two.”

What are your thoughts on lets with pets? Do you currently allow animals in your properties?

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