Nearly half of UK tenants frustrated with their landlord

A concerning new survey has revealed some of the major frustrations of private sector tenants in the UK.

The investigation by property technology company Engage highlighted poor communication and taking too long to resolve problems as the main gripes, with some 49% of respondents saying that have had issues with their landlord.


Data from the report shows frustrations with landlords were more profound amongst younger tenants. 76% of those between 18-24 said they had experienced problems.

One-fifth of renters said they feel that being a tenant rather than home owner makes them feel rather disconnected from their neighbours and community. This figure rises to 25% amongst 18-24 years olds.

Some 13% said they felt frustrated about the application process to rent a property, which can often take between four and six weeks.

Those living in London were found to be more than four times are likely than people in Northern Ireland to experience difficulties in making contact with their landlord.

Nearly half of UK tenants frustrated with their landlord

Nearly half of UK tenants frustrated with their landlord

Growing Expectations

Mitesh Patel, managing director of Engage, noted that with more people renting a property due to affordability constraints, tenant expectations are growing.

Patel said: ‘Renters demand high levels of customer service, not another reason to complain. This presents a key challenge for the market. After all, unhappy tenants are quicker to move on, which heightens the chances of a property becoming empty, leaving the landlord, agent or housing association out of pocket.’[1]

‘In addition, many new rental properties that have been created private rental sector lack a well-established community on their doorstep and therefore it’s understandable many tenants feel disenfranchised. As an industry the rental sector is lagging behind probably every other industry in terms of customer service. But by thinking of tenants as customers and putting them at the core of all services, landlords can capitalise on the opportunities the growing market presents,’ Patel added.[1]


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