Our garden tips for National Growing for Wellbeing Week

National Growing for Wellbeing Week

We like to focus on providing tips for landlords that can, in turn, help their tenants. As it’s National Growing for Wellbeing Week, we wanted to incorporate this into our latest article.

We’ve put together three simple suggestions of how landlords can enhance their properties to improve their own wellbeing, as well as their tenants’, and have a positive impact on their investments.

Removing weeds

This is a simple task but one that can grow the longer it’s left. Spending some time neatening up your garden can provide the following benefits:

  • Provides light exercise – Although it doesn’t give the same workout level as going for a run, it’s a step up from sitting in front of the television. Your muscles will get a light workout and you’ll benefit from the release of endorphins in your brain, which help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to prevent property damage – Keeping weeds in check will also help you to spot any signs of Japanese knotweed. This pesky plant can cause serious damage to buildings if it grows too close, so it’s best to have a professional remove it ASAP.
  • Creates a good impression – Presentation is important when it comes to viewings, both inside and outside!
National Growing for Wellbeing Week
National Growing for Wellbeing Week

Creating a herb garden

You can choose to plant anything you wish in your garden, but we’ve specifically suggested herbs for the following reasons:

  • Low maintenance – Some perennial herbs will require little to no attention. Thyme, oregano and lavender are examples of ones that will continue to grow each year.
  • Attractive – Not only do some herbs grow beautiful flowers that will make your garden look appealing to prospective tenants, but bees also love them!
  • Encourages home cooking – This is a benefit for your tenants. Cooking is seen as a great way to de-stress and can be a healthier option to ready-meals or takeaways. Combined with a good shopping budget, cooking at home is also a great way to increase your savings.

Trim hedges and mow the grass

As with removing weeds, making the overall garden look neat and tidy can also be beneficial.

  • Positive representation of you as the landlord – A neat and tidy garden shows tenants that you care about the property. This is a good sign for any future maintenance issues they may need to speak to you about.
  • Off to a strong start – If the garden is well looked after before tenants move in, they are more likely to keep it that way. You can even include a clause in the tenancy agreement requesting its upkeep.
  • Sense of achievement – Spending any amount of time on a property, whether it’s your home or an investment, can make you feel good. Looking around at your own handiwork can boost your confidence and happiness!

We hope you are all able to gain some inspiration from these three tips for National Growing for Wellbeing Week. Whether you are looking to increase your own wellbeing or that of your tenants, please feel free to share these ideas. If you have any of your own to share, we’d love to hear them – feel free to leave a comment!


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