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West Bromwich Building Society increases Mortgage Interest Rates by 2pc 26-09-2013
Landlords with West Bromwich Building Society tracker mortgages are reeling at the announcement that as of December 1st their interest rates will increase by 2 per cent.&..... Read More

Third Hit by Bedroom Tax in Rent Arrears 19-09-2013
It was criticised for months before it came into effect and now it seems that fears over the ‘bedroom tax’ have come true.  In April of this year the gov..... Read More

Eviction Levels Highest in 5 Years 12-09-2013
Landlords across the UK have witnessed an increase in tenants falling into rent arrears over the past few years as the cost of living increases and wages fail to match th..... Read More

National Audit Office criticises Universal Credit Scheme 05-09-2013
Since the government announced their plans to bring in the Universal Credit scheme a number of landlords have been concerned that the system will have a detrimental effec..... Read More

Milton Keynes Landlords warn against Registration Scheme 30-08-2013
Local authorities across the UK have recently been debating whether to introduce landlord registration schemes in their constituencies in order to improve the private ren..... Read More

Organisations wary over Immigration Bill 23-08-2013
A few months ago it was announced during the Queen’s Speech that the government had passed a new Immigration Bill which stated that landlords would now be responsib..... Read More

Landlords targeted by No Win No Fee Solicitors 13-08-2013
A number of landlords across the UK have recently found that they are being targeted by ‘no win no fee’ solicitors that contact their tenants and enquire abou..... Read More

Half of Bristol Landlords Fail to Apply for Licences 08-08-2013
In theory, landlord registration is beneficial for both landlords and tenants as it means that all properties will be of a certain standard and disagreements can be settl..... Read More

The Precarious Private Rental Sector 31-07-2013
Not a day goes by where a news story isn’t published concerning the private rental sector and the issues that are plaguing it.  Rogue landlords, the housing cr..... Read More

Foreign Investors Dominate London Market 18-07-2013
  It will come as no surprise that London has become rather expensive since the housing crash and that more and more people are investing in property here. However,..... Read More

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