People Now Move Home Just Once Every 19 Years

Turnover in homes has slowed drastically over the past 30 years, as the private rental sector has boomed, according to new data.

People Now Move Home Just Once Every 19 Years

People Now Move Home Just Once Every 19 Years

As people stay longer in their homes, properties are now changing hands once every 19 years on average across England, compared with once every eight years in the 1980s.

Homes now change hands least often, once every 22 years, in the North East, and most often, every 16 years, in the South East.

In London and the South West, homes change hands every 17 years, every 18 years in the East Midlands, every 19 years in the East of England and Yorkshire, every 20 years in the West Midlands, and every 21 years in the North West.

The figures, from conveyancing firm My Home Move, contrast hugely from the 80s, when people moved home much more frequently.

However, My Home Move also found that turnover times have improved over the last five years.

In England as a whole, the time between moving house has dropped since 2010, from an average of once every 25 years. The firm used Land Registry data to compile its research.

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