Police Working with Landlords to Uncover Cannabis Farms

Police are working closely with private landlords to help uncover cannabis farms in rental properties.

Increasingly, gangs of cannabis cultivators are targeting rental properties to house their criminal collections. Last year, hundreds of thousands of cannabis farms were seized in domestic premises as a result.

Landlords of houses are being particularly warned of this trend, as gangs are more likely to use this type of property over flats, as they need a lot of space to cultivate the plants.

Police Working with Landlords to Uncover Cannabis Farms

Police Working with Landlords to Uncover Cannabis Farms

They also tend to opt for secluded properties in areas where there is little through-traffic, such as a cul-de-sac.

However, police in Hartlepool, County Durham want to work closely with private landlords to help prevent cannabis farms being set up in rental properties.

Officers spoke at a Safer Hartlepool Partnership meeting last week, saying that the discovery of two cannabis farms at properties in the area last month is an example of the success of the Hartlepool Community Safety Team.

Two weeks ago, officers uncovered a cannabis farm containing around 160 mature plants, worth £85,000, at a house in Tankerville Street.

The week before, they raided a house in St Paul’s Road, near Hartlepool town centre, and found a farm of over 250 plants, with an estimated value of £75,000.

According to Chief Inspector Nigel Burnell, the Chair of the Youth Offending Board, police officers will now be looking to work even closer with landlords to help identify and prevent potential cannabis farms.

He explains: “It’s about addressing the wider issue and problem solving, and how to help support landlords and keep them safe from this. Perhaps we offer to get landlords in and speak to them to raise awareness about this and what to do to prevent it.

“It’s about how we stop the problem and targeting these people for more information.”

Following these two discoveries and the thousands of cannabis farms that were uncovered last year, we remind landlords of the importance of knowing who (and what) is living in your rental property.

To best prevent this behaviour and find it early, you should complete periodic inspections every quarter. Our sister site, Landlord News, has a fantastic guide to ensure that you conduct these visits in the correct manner: https://landlordnews.co.uk/guides/a-landlords-guide-to-periodic-inspections/

Additionally, it is important to consider the damage that can be caused to your property if tenants do set up cannabis farms there. To protect your investment against this loss, our 5 Star rated Landlord Insurance policy includes cover for unauthorised alteration as standard. Please note that not all insurance companies include this protection, so make sure to check your policy.

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