Protect the garden of your rental property this summer

Concerning recent statistics suggest that there is a theft from a garden every 43 seconds!

On average, garden contents are worth roughly £2,000- but many are home to more expensive items, such as furniture, plants, BBQ’s and even hot tubs.

Garden Thefts

Official ONS figures show indicate that there were over 730,000 thefts from gardens and outhouses between April 2015 and March 2016 – working out at over 2,0000 per day.

In the summer, gardens are even more at risk, as more people tend to leave items out after working or socialising. As a result, thieves are 25% more likely to target gardens during the summer months.

To combat the mindless few, it is important for landlords and their tenants to remain vigilant.

Follow these tips to protect your rental property this summer!

Lock all the doors (and gates): It is very important to keep gates and doors to sheds or outhouses locked- particularly if you are popping in and out. Thieves are opportunistic , so it is vital to keep under lock and key. In addition, it is imperative to padlock garages and sheds, as they are home to a number of valuable good, such as lawnmovers and other items, such as bikes. Another concerning figure indicates that 19,000 bikes are stolen from sheds and outhouses each year.

Put tools away: Summer turns many people in budding Alan Titchmarsh’s and Charlie Dimmock’s! After a long day in the garden, it is easy to leave furniture, tools and other valuables outside. Tools are one of the most attractive items for thieves, with around 21,000 stolen each year. Of course, thieves could also use these tools to break into your property, so make sure you put them away or out of sight!

Protect the garden of your rental property this summer

Protect the garden of your rental property this summer

Keep valuables attached: Obviously, some items are too large to put away. It is good practice then to keep these attached, to the ground, wall or fence. Wall and floor anchors are readily available from garden centres and DIY stores. If your valuables are secured to your garden, it will be nigh-on impossible for thieves to steal them.

Let there be light: A security light is a major deterrent for thieves, as it will quickly alert you to their presence. Motion sensitive lights are particularly useful and will certainly make the would-be intruders think twice.

Make the property look lived in: Should you be going away for a period in the summer, it is important for you to make your rental property look inhabited. Get a neighbour or family member to water plants, mow the lawn and generally check the garden and rest of the property. Leaving lights on a timer is another great way of keeping intruders away!

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