More Rental Properties Needed for Tenants with Disabilities

A new report insists that more rental properties and homes to buy are needed for people with disabilities.

The study, conducted by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Ipsos MORI on behalf of the charity Papworth Trust and housing association Habinteg, found that 1.8m disabled people in England have unmet housing needs.

More Rental Properties Needed for Tenants with Disabilities

More Rental Properties Needed for Tenants with Disabilities

The Chief Executive of Papworth Trust, Vicky McDermott, says the report dispels the myth that disabled people do not have the means or money to purchase their own homes, with 55% of the 1.8m people already owning their own home and 39% having incomes in the top half of the income distribution.

However, landlords should note that 45% of those seeking accessible homes are tenants. Do you or could you provide properties suitable for people with disabilities?

McDermott insists: “Building more accessible homes is a fundamental part of future-proofing the housing market, with a short-term investment and a long-term positive social impact on other services.”

The Chief Executive of Habinteg, Paul Gamble, also comments: “This new evidence is extremely important to the growing alliance who wants to see an increasing supply of accessible housing to rent and buy.”

He believes that providing more homes that are both accessible and affordable is essential, particularly with an ageing population.

Would you purchase a property that was adapted to the needs of those with disabilities? You could provide the much-needed homes that disabled people need and expand your lettings business by entering this market.

Allowing disabled tenants to make changes to your property will also ensure that they stay for the long-term and continue to provide you with a reliable source of rental income.

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Be a part of the move to provide the crucial housing that many disabled people in the UK need by adapting your rental property or investing in this sector.

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