Renters, remember your responsibilities for the festive season

Less than three weeks remain until we all pretend we like sprouts, smile when we receive unwanted gifts and fall out with the family. Yes, Christmas is rapidly approaching!

The festive season brings about extra responsibilities for renters. Many will have friends and family round to their property, but must make sure they do not receive an unwanted gift from their landlord!

Christmas Compliance

Tenants have been warned that just because they don’t own their property, they must behave themselves during the festive period!

The Association of Residential Letting Agents has moved to warn renters of their responsibilities over Christmas.

An ARLA spokesman said: ‘No one wants to be a killjoy but it’s important for tenants to remember they are not immune from their responsibilities to neighbours. While most renters are responsible, a small minority risk falling foul of their landlord, or even the law, if they push the limit this party season. Some common courtesy and making sure you’re familiar with your tenancy agreement and noise regulations should ensure a harmonious and fuss-free festive season.’

Renters should take heed of these five tips to ensure there is no festive fall outs!

Inform the neighbours-It is common courtesy to inform your neighbours if you plan to have a festive get-together which is likely to involve noise. Who knows, they may even pop in for a mulled-wine! You do not want to have an argument after a few sherrys, nor do you want your neighbour to tell your landlord of your poor behaviour.

Check your contract-Some tenancy agreements will have rules prohibiting you from hosting parties, so make sure that you are free to have friends round. If you are unsure, mention it to your landlord.

Renters, remember your responsibilities for the festive season

Renters, remember your responsibilities for the festive season

Keep track of time-As part of The Noise Act 1996, it is illegal to make unwarranted noise after 11pm. Make sure you are conscientious and keep your music down after this time!

Fine-tune the guestlist- Of course, accidental damage can occur during any party. However, you must be aware that even if your landlord is covered under their landlord insurance, the chances are your deposit will be cut in order to fund any clear-up and refurbishment. Should any damage occur, it is important to be honest and tell your landlord or agent immediately.

Don’t play the final countdown-If constant noise complaints are made against your property, you could well find yourself evicted. In England and Wales, section 144 of the Housing Act 1996 permits excessive noise nuisance to be grounds for eviction.

Don’t let naivety get in the way of festive fun with your family and friends!

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