Renters’ Rights Bill to be debated again next week

Next week sees the next debate of the Renters’ Rights Bill in the House of Lords. The Bill includes provisions for scrapping agents’ fees for tenants and the mandatory registration of landlords, alongside provisions to limit the size of deposits.

The proposed measure is aimed at changing the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 by stopping letting agents in England charging either existing or would-be tenants.

Renters’ Rights Bill

If the Bill becomes law, there would be a blanket ban on tenants expected to pay:

  • registration fees
  • administration charges
  • inventory check fees
  • reference checks
  • renewal fees
  • exit fees

Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Grender put forward the changes, which also proposes a ban for any agent or landlord on a rogue operators list from being given a HMO licence.

Last time the Bill was debated, it received substantial all-party backing.

Renters' Rights Bill to be debated again next week

Renters’ Rights Bill to be debated again next week

It has now been announced that the Bill, which will come as interest to those with landlord insurance, will be debated again in the House of Lords on November 18th.


In June, Baroness Grender informed the House that consumer protection for private rental tenants is much less developed than for other commercial activities. She feels that renters are at, ‘the mercy of landlords and letting agents.’[1]

‘It is time for Government intervention to address this imbalance of power and build up the consumer rights of renters. Letting agents should not be able to get away with double charging fees, imposing them on both tenants and landlords, when in fact it is only the landlord that is the client,’ she added.[1]



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