RLA Welcomes Plans to Fund Action Against Rogues

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is welcoming plans to use funds raised in tackling criminal landlords to root out other rogues in the sector.

RLA Welcomes Plans to Fund Action Against Rogues

RLA Welcomes Plans to Fund Action Against Rogues

New Government regulations mean that councils can charge criminal landlords fines of up to £30,000 for a range of offences, including breaches of licensing conditions and failing to comply with improvement notices.

The regulations, set to come into force on 6th April, mean that councils can use the money raised from fining rogues to fund housing enforcement activity.

While the RLA continues to believe that licensing is not an effective way of catching rogues, it does welcome the Government’s decision to back the RLA’s proposals that the minority of landlords who break the law should pay for enforcement action.

The Policy Director of the RLA, David Smith, comments: “It is unfair that the majority of landlords providing a good service to their tenants end up paying for action against the minority who have no place in the sector.

“We therefore welcome these regulations as a sign that the polluter should pay, which the RLA has long been calling on the Government to introduce.”

Landlords, are you aware of the new regulations?

In addition, you must be aware of the forthcoming Government blacklist of rogues that will be introduced on 1st October: https://landlordnews.co.uk/database-rogue-landlords-letting-agents-introduced-1st-october/

By being placed on the blacklist, you will be banned from letting property for a minimum of 12 months.

We urge all of our landlords to remain responsible and stick to the law. The easiest way of understanding and complying with the regulations is to sign up to Landlord News, where you can find the latest updates and essential guides – all completely free: http://landlordnews.co.uk/guides/

Don’t be caught out by the Government’s clampdown on rogues in the sector – always keep on top of your responsibilities!

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