Save on your energy bills this weekend-and beyond!

With winds, heavy rain and even snow battering Britain on MAY bank holiday weekend, you can be excused for not turning your heating off for the summer just yet.

As a residential landlord, there are things you can do to keep on top of energy bills, in order to keep your tenants warm and your profits high!

Seal the deal-Did you know that 20% of heat from a home escapes through cracks in windows and doors? A good way to prevent this is by using draught excluders and thick curtains. Make sure your windows are double glazed to keep your tenants toasty and your profits rosey!

Time it to perfection-By putting your central heating on a timer, you can save substantially on your energy bills. Setting the heating to come on for a couple of hours on the morning and in the evening is much-more cost effective than leaving it on all day!

 Hit lofty heights-Recent studies have proven that loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years and can save up to £250 on energy bills every year. Even if your property is unoccupied, consider getting loft insulation to minimise disruption and improve the energy efficiency rating of your property.

Save on your energy bills this weekend-and beyond!

Save on your energy bills this weekend-and beyond!

 Get walls insulated-Insulating walls properly can save you around £460 per year on your energy bills. However, it is important to get the correct type of insulation installed. Either Cavity Wall Insulation or Internal/External Wall Insulation will reduce heat loss.

Turn off electrical items-Data released from The Energy Saving Trust indicates that homeowners in the UK could save £1.7bn per year by turning off electrical items. Turning off lights, TV’s, phone chargers and game consoles can go a long way saving money. Remember that leaving things on standby is not sufficient-off means off!

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