Shocking Story Highlights the Need for Regular Periodic Inspections

A shocking story that has been shared across Facebook and the Daily Mail highlights the need for landlords to conduct regular periodic inspections of their properties.

We have created a useful guide to help you sufficiently inspect your properties:

Shocking Story Highlights the Need for Regular Periodic Inspections

Shocking Story Highlights the Need for Regular Periodic Inspections

You may want to prepare yourself for the details of the following, shocking story…

A horrified landlord returned to their property to find an appalling state inside, after a tenant left buckets of used toilet roll and dog mess on the floor.

Sammi Watson filmed a video from inside the property, believed to be near Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, which is owned by her friend. She posted the footage online, naming the former tenant as a warning to other landlords. The video has been viewed more than 2.5m times and been shared 33,000 times on Facebook.

The footage begins with a woman opening the door to the kitchen of the property, where there are dirty pots and pans left everywhere. The sink is full of unwashed dishes. The tenant also left countless bottles of milk and fruit juice, and cereal boxes covering the worktops. There were also several large bin bags on the floor, which were full of rubbish.

The video then reveals the state of the living room, where the furniture is covered with bin bags stacked on top of each other. There is also rotten food dumped at the bottom of the stairs.

The upstairs bathroom is overflowing into the hall with buckets of used toilet paper. The floor is covered with empty plastic bottles and the hallway bannister is lined with empty cans. There is also a clotheshorse outside the bathroom.

The woman squeezes into a room full of boxes stacked onto a bed and the floor, which has had a quarter of its size cordoned off, is brimming with dog mess.

She then tries to move into the bedroom, which has a tower of clothes, plastic bags and bottles surrounding the bed. Upon trying to move further into the room, the woman is blocked by a mountain of rubbish.

Before leaving to go back downstairs, the woman comments: “This has got to have been building for years, surely.”

Watson posted the video to Facebook with the message: “She’s left my friends like this.”

The footage elicited a heated response from those that sat through it, but one commenter did point out that the landlord should have checked the property before it got to this state.

We have to agree – always conduct regular periodic inspections of your properties, to ensure that your tenants are keeping it in a good condition!

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