6 improvements to your garden to increase tenant interest

improvements to your garden

Making improvements to your garden can be a vital component when it comes to attracting new tenants to your buy-to-let property.

This is relevant more than ever, with platforms such as Rightmove reporting an increase in demand for rental homes with gardens.

A relaxing, rejuvenated outdoor space can be ideal for all tenants, from a family needing somewhere for children to play to workers looking to unwind after work.

Since it’s also National Gardening Week, why not spend a bit of time outside renovating? Here are our six suggestions for improvements to your garden to increase the number of tenants interested in your let:

Let the light in

Trim back any hedges that have become overgrown. There’s nothing worse than going outside to soak up the sun, only to have it blocked by an unruly bush. If it belongs to a neighbour, ask them to cut it back a bit or offer to do it yourself if they don’t mind. Just don’t go ahead and do it without their permission first, as it is their property.

Extra lighting for the garden

Outdoor lighting can be a great selling point. On a pleasant evening when the sun has set, wall lights or garden spotlights can create a relaxing atmosphere. If this works really well and you’re confident in this selling point, you could consider offering evening property viewings to show prospective tenants.

improvements to your garden
6 improvements to your garden to increase tenant interest

The right outdoor furnishings

If you wish to buy furniture for the garden, ensure that it is appropriate. We understand that you don’t want to spend a fortune, but buying a cheap plastic table set won’t look impressive and might not last very long. A treated wooden bench might work well, as it won’t necessarily take up too much space. One with a trellis also provides more opportunity for plants in a garden that’s not very big.

Dress your garden to impress

As you would pick a colour scheme for your interior, making such improvements to your garden is important too. Plant eye-catching flowers and arrange hanging baskets for the garden and the front of the house. Check out our list of top ten plants for inspiration.

Utilise the space of a big garden

Gardens always look more welcoming when different spaces are defined. A gazebo, for example, creates its own protective space for relaxing and dining. Features such as pergolas, trellises and arbours also define areas in the garden. Use them to create your own focal points and provide transitions from one area to another, according to function.

Keep the outdoor area clean

An unkempt garden is extremely off-putting for would-be tenants. Visually, why would anyone want to live somewhere that looks messy? And you’ve also got to think of the impression it gives of you as a landlord. If you don’t care about the property, would you care about their needs as the tenants?

Before viewings, make sure the garden is mowed and any weeds are removed. Maintenance as simple as this will show that effort has gone into making improvements to your garden in order to accommodate new tenants.

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