Sort Out Your Wardrobe this Summer and Do Something Good!

Now that the schools have broken up and many of us will be preparing to go on holiday, it’s a perfect opportunity for some organising. Our partner Gone for Good is calling on us all to sort out our wardrobes and do something good this summer.

You may know that we are partnered with Gone for Good for the year. The app is an easy and free way for people to donate their unwanted goods to a charity of their choice. Not only does it help to provide charity shops with much-needed stock, it also gives a better choice of quality products to those who use charity shops. What’s more, by donating through Gone for Good, you’re also preventing items ending up in landfill.

Clothes are one of the most in-demand categories from charity shops across the country, so now is a great time to sort out your wardrobe and get giving.

So where do you start?

Sort Out Your Wardrobe this Summer and Do Something Good!

Sort Out Your Wardrobe this Summer and Do Something Good!

Clear any old winter items

It’s likely that your thick winter knits and long-sleeved tops will now firmly sit in the back of your wardrobe, ready to be dragged out again when the cold weather inevitably returns. But did you really wear them all last winter? If you found yourself reaching for the same trusted items over the colder months, it’s time to get rid of all the rest.

Get rid of that loud Christmas jumper or outdated knitted scarf that you haven’t worn much, and give them to someone who needs it.

Scrap the clothes that don’t fit 

As you start packing for your holidays or fish your favourite summery pieces out of your wardrobe, you may find that some of your clothes simply don’t fit anymore. If you have outfits that you know you’ll never wear again (either for better or worse), it’s not worth having them cluttering your storage space.

Make a pile of all the clothes that don’t fit you anymore and donate it to the shops in need of quality items.

Donate the pieces your children have outgrown

If you have children, it’s likely that they will have outgrown last summer’s outfits, so these are great to give away (unless they have a younger sibling of course!). Have them try on the pieces you’re unsure about and add them to your growing pile of donations.

Some parents will be relying on charity shops to buy their children’s clothes this summer, so it’s important to never simply throw them away if they’re in a good condition.

Ask your tenants to join in 

Landlords, you can also get your tenants involved in doing something good this summer. If you have a good relationship with them, let them know that you’re donating some old clothes through Gone for Good and ask them to join up their unwanted items with yours.

It is always better to go to Gone for Good with a large donation, so grouping together is the best way to make sure it’s accepted.

As ever, we’re encouraging all landlords, tenants and homeowners to make use of this helpful app and donate your unwanted goods to charity – not only will you be doing something good for charities in need of quality items, you’ll also help the environment too, it’s a win-win!

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