Are you up to speed with legislation changes?

With the Budget looming next week, there is speculation of yet more legislation to be imposed on the buy-to-let sector.

A new survey from The House Crowd revealed that 66% of UK landlords feel that there will be announcements directly affecting their actions. One fifth of landlords are already planning to leave the sector during the coming year.

Regulation, regulation, regulation

With new legislations such as the EU Mortgage Credit Directive and increases in stamp duty land tax already coming into force this year, investors are feeling vulnerable to more changes.

70% of investors surveyed by The House Crowd said they think that these changes will have a negative impact on their existing investments. 43% went as far as saying that they feel the Government is trying to remove small investors from the sector altogether. It is feared that many might have unoccupied properties due to not being able to maintain their investment.

That said, 54% of landlords said that they supported tighter regulation from the Bank of England, to try to shut out rogue landlords.

Pleasingly, 57% of landlords still believe buy-to-let is a good form of investment, given the continued housing shortage in Britain.

Are you up to speed with legislation changes?

Are you up to speed with legislation changes?


It is perfectly understandable to feel a little apprehensive about new and possible upcoming legislation changes. However, if you are a current or potential investor, keeping organised and abreast of alterations will see you adapt with minimal fuss.

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