Spring clean your property for issues!

With the thermometer showing a balmy 17 degrees yesterday, you could be excused for day-dreaming about golden beaches and a dip in the pool.

What about broken boilers? Gas and electric bills? Insulation?

No, didn’t think so. Yes, with the temperatures rising, you could be forgiven for not worrying about the potential pitfalls of your investment property. However, Spring provides the best time to give your property a full MOT and highlight any problems before the colder months return.

Should you encounter any issues when checking your property now, you will be able to plan ahead and consider the best financial solution. Contractors will also have enough time to carry out the necessary maintenance before the dark nights set in.

Larger works, such as a boiler replacement, will also be more cost-effective in the Summer months. Demand for skilled traders is not high and you will negate the chances of having to claim on your rent guarantee insurance, with your tenants not defaulting during to the cold!

With this in mind, follow these Spring cleaning tips to ensure your property is in the best shape for the Summer and beyond!

Spring clean your property for issues!

Spring clean your property for issues!


  • Bleed for the cause-Make sure your radiators work efficiently by bleeding them in the Spring months. Should radiators have cold spots, this means there is air in the system. You can bleed your radiator by turning off the system and then turning the radiator key until the air stops and the water eventually runs smoothly. When you switch your system back on, the problem should have been sorted out. 
  • Don’t be draught- As a buy-to-let landlord, you should ensure that all of the windows and doors in your property do not let a draught through. The most obvious way of achieving this is to buy draught excluders, which can cut down your heating bills substantially. Loft and cavity wall insulation are other sure-fire ways of lowering your outgoings.
  • Sound the alarm-When conducting some Spring cleaning on your property, test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Tests on these alarms should be conducted on a regular basis!
  • Don’t lag behind-In the colder periods of the year, problems with cracked and broken pipes are common. In order to prevent this, look at securely insulating your pipes with pipe lagging, readily available from DIY shops. 
  • Avoid boiling point-During the warmer months of the year, it is a good idea for you landlords to check the efficiency of your boilers. Boilers should be maintained at the correct pressure, being topped up when necessary. In addition, hot water tanks to be wrapped, in order to keep the hot water insulated. Again, materials to carry out this procedure are readily available.

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