Ten tips to achieve your desired rent

Thinking of making improvements to your property? Want to add a bit of character? Looking to make alterations before putting up for rent?

Follow these top ten handy tips to ensure you increase the value of your home!

  • Add an extension-Though a costly outlay, constructing an extension on your property could increase the value of your home by 20% 
  • Make improvements to the kitchen-Arguably where you spend the most time, the kitchen is the creative hub of a home. By modernising the space or making it more open plan, this could help achieve a desired rent.
  • Upgrade the bathroom-The thought of a bathroom that isn’t in good condition is enough to deter any renter. Make sure that bath, showers and toilets are free of problems and in a clean and working state. 
  • Provide a bath/shower room-If you plan to let your property to a large family or groups such as students, providing an extra shower, wet room or en suite could bring in extra rent. Also, you can leave the squabbling over who gets what room to them! 
Ten tips to achieve desired rent

Ten tips to achieve desired rent

  • Get your fingers green-Should you own a property with a garden, make sure that it is presentable and tidy, especially when you have a viewing. Potted plants and hanging baskets are a good finishing touch to a homely looking garden. 
  • Go with the flow-Have a look around your house and see if you would happy living there. Look how the house flows, if there is adequate lighting throughout and if any simple improvements to the feeling created can be made. 
  • Love the loft-Expanding a roof space can again be a costly measure. However, it could create an extra bedroom and open up your rental property to a number of new tenants. 
  • Be energy efficient-By simply improving the EPC of your rental property from a band G to a band E, or from band D to B, more than 14% could be added the overall value of your home. In turn, you will be able to command higher rents. Look at getting loft and cavity wall insulation and replacing an old boiler. 
  • Utilise your outbuildings-Show tenants how much space they can have on sheds or outbuildings by ensuring they are clear. In some circumstances when a large outbuilding is located on the property, you could explore the idea of converting this into an office or workspace. 
  • Maintain windows-There is little point in making your property look  pristine, if the basics are not done properly. Make sure windows are cleaned, replaced or upgraded where necessary.


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