Tenants Tweet Their Worst Rental Property Experiences

Private tenants are taking to Twitter to publicly shame rogue landlords over high rent prices and terrible rental property conditions.

London tenants are tweeting photographs of themselves holding up pieces of card detailing how much rent they pay and some of the awful circumstances they have found themselves in while renting.

Tenant lobby group Generation Rent started the exercise by sharing the hashtag #ventyourrent.

Some of the worst stories include rat and cockroach infestations, and damp and mould in properties costing more than £550 per month.

Others have been forced to pay the full rent while their properties are being renovated, while others have suffered sudden, significant rent rises.

Generation Rent has urged tenants to tell their stories using #ventyourrent.

The stories include:

“One week’s notice before decorators started work, two months living in a building site – no discount, 30% rent rise after.”

“Old Kent Road. £460 (exc. bills). Toilet that leaked into kitchen. Nightly dinner accompanied by mice.”

“Rent: £570. Location: Mile End. Bed bugs and cockroaches.”

“Shared house, ten people, £820 per room, Clapham. Boyfriend and I had no fridge for two months.”

“Rent: £700. Location: Brixton. Worst renting experience: Letting agent broke the lock, locking me out immediately before closing for a week over Christmas.”

“Moved in in January to find no beds, heating or curtains. Plants were growing through the kitchen floor. £600pcm, SW17.”

“£620 – zone 4. More than 2/3 of my wage.”

While it is well known that London rent prices are out of control, the situation is set to get worse, with one estate agent expecting the average two-bedroom property in the capital to cost £2,000 per month by September.

However, Generation Rent has decided to launch the #ventyourrent campaign at an important time for the London property market; just next week, Londoners will vote for their next mayor. Online agent eMoov has analysed which candidate will be best for the capital.

The Policy Manager at Generation Rent, Dan Wilson Craw, comments: “The candidates for mayor describe London as the greatest city on Earth, but as long as growing numbers of people are paying huge sums to live in squalor, they’ll have a lot of work to do to make that a reality.

“The hashtag #ventyourrent is unearthing the scale of common problems like damp and mice, all the way up to the most shocking experiences like poisoning, ceilings falling in, and bullying landlords and letting agents. When London goes to the polls, the two million renters in this city need to make their voices heard.”1 

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