Thousands of Private Tenants Facing Eviction from Rental Properties

Thousands of private tenants in England are facing eviction from their rental properties, according to new data by housing charity Shelter, based on analysis of statistics from the Ministry of Justice.

Over 148,000 renting households have been at risk of eviction from their homes in the past year, found the study.

Thousands of Private Tenants Facing Eviction from Rental Properties

Thousands of Private Tenants Facing Eviction from Rental Properties

The report reveals that private tenants in London, predominantly in Enfield, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Croydon, face the greatest risk of eviction on average, followed by those in Luton, Thurrock and Peterborough.

Shelter has experienced a significant rise in the number of private tenants turning to the charity for advice over evictions.

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The need to protect your lettings business against rent arrears has been highlighted through another Shelter study, which found that young tenants in Britain are struggling with the high cost of housing.

The research shows that 59% of adults aged 18-44 are putting their lives on hold because of concerns over housing.

Shelter found that 19% have delayed finding a new job because of their housing situation, while 11% believe that they will have to retire later than initially planned.

A significant number of young people are also putting off getting married, while 22% of couples are postponing starting a family because housing costs are so high.

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