Tips for a top lawn

Most landlords know that a good size lawn on any property is one of the main selling points for a property aimed at young families, but if you asked a landlord the price of turf, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell you! Grass might be everywhere, but laying a good lawn isn’t cheap so it’s important to ensure your existing lawn is well kept and maintained by your tenants on a regular basis.

Covering the cost

It’s a simple equation: if your tenants have to fork out for maintenance costs directly, they probably won’t bother. For most tenants, it’s pointless requesting that they buy a lawnmower because it’s unlikely they ever will. You will probably need to provide a lawnmower (or at least the cost of) if you want your tenants to keep up maintenance.

Good instruction

Believe it or not, plenty of young families who have just moved away from home won’t have mowed lawns before, so it’s worth just leaving a note to make sure they do the job well. Mowing in the wet will just chew up the grass and leave your lawn in a worse state than it started so don’t assume your tenants know it already!


Sorting out damages

If you’ve asked your tenants to keep up proper maintenance and they have failed, you are at liberty to charge them for the repairs. A landlord insurance policy might help you solve a dispute but probably the best thing to do is to hold back some of your tenant’s deposit. Of course, the costs will need to be reasonable, so keep receipts for whatever repairs you need to undertake.

Little things like lawn maintenance can be expensive mistakes for landlords so although you can probably divulge responsibility to your tenants, you do need to make sure that this is actually being acted upon.

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