What are the top deterrents for would-be property thieves?

An interesting new study has revealed the top-ten deterrents for would-be home thieves, as suggested by ex-cons.

The study, conducted by a panel of ex-convicts, revealed that 89% of ex-cons would be put-off from targeting a home that is smart connected. 67% said that they would be deterred from connected cars.


44% stated that thieves are opportunists and would therefore avoid breaking in to properties that they considered harder to gain access to. Despite this, just 5% of UK adults said that they have invested in smart technology for their properties.

Other features in the top-ten list of deterrents for burglars include CCTV cameras, a barking dog and strong doors.

Buy-to-let landlords should certainly take note of these key deterrents, in order to save from claiming on their landlord insurance.

What are the top deterrents for would-be property thieves?

What are the top deterrents for would-be property thieves?


In spite of the results, 28% of UK homeowners said that they don’t take any security precautions for their property. 55% sleep with windows open in the evening, 24% leave doors unlocked when at home while 12% leave their garden gate wide open.

20% said that they use social media to show that they are on holiday!

Caroline Hunter of the Co-Op, said on the results: ‘Our research shows that almost half (44%) of thieves are opportunists and so it’s really important that home and car owners are vigilant and think carefully about the security of their homes and vehicles.

Nobody should have to go through the trauma of having their property burgled and there are some small measures which homeowners should be mindful of to ensure any opportunists cannot be tempted.’[1]


[1] http://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/property/ex-cons-reveal-the-top-10-deterrents-for-home-thieves.html

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