Top reasons for deposit deductions revealed

An interesting new report has revealed that broken furniture is the most common reason for deductions from a rental deposit.

The survey of 2,500 tenants was carried out by interiors specialist Hilarys as part of ongoing research into the habits of UK renters.

Deposit Deductions

Further top reasons for why tenants have had money taken from their deposit include marks on the walls and mould.

The top five most common reasons were found to be:

  • Broken Furniture – 29%
  • Marks on the walls – 24%
  • Carpet stains – 21%
  • Redecorations – 12%
  • Mould – 9%
Top reasons for deposit deductions revealed

Top reasons for deposit deductions revealed

It is clear that poor cleanliness is a key reason for withholding some or all of tenant’s deposit. This further underlines the need for a clear, photographic inventory at the beginning and end of the tenancy agreement.

Copies of this inventory should be signed by both the landlord and tenant and it should be used as a reference point throughout the tenancy. Landlords will be able to use the inventory both when carrying out mid-term inspections and to hopefully negate the need for a dispute.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hilarys, observed: ‘Security deposits are an unavoidable part of renting a property, and can be an essential way for landlords to deal with damage caused by tenants. But they can result in disputes and are a major cause of distrust among tenants.’[1]


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