Top Tips for Landlords on Preventing Drug Factories in Your Properties

Landlords have many things to beware of when letting to new tenants – property damage and rent arrears predominantly – but you must also take measures to prevent drug factories forming in your properties.

If your tenants create drug factories in your properties, you’ll be left with severe damage to the premises and a potential prosecution. These top tips will help you avoid finding that your tenants have formed a drug factory and prevent action against you:

Top Tips for Landlords on Preventing Drug Factories in Your Properties

Top Tips for Landlords on Preventing Drug Factories in Your Properties

If you find drug factories, report them

The most important thing to remember is that you could be prosecuted if drug factories are found in your properties and you did not report it. If you spot any illegal activity within your property, report it to the police immediately.

Always conduct tenant reference checks

Before you let to a new tenant, conduct thorough reference checks to determine whether the tenant is suited to your property. These include credit checks, employer and previous landlord references, and the legally required Right to Rent checks. These references should expose any suspicious behaviour before you even let to the tenant.

Watch out for tenants paying rent upfront

Tenants who request paying all of the rent upfront may sound reliable, but these people can sometimes be involved in illegal activity, such as drug dealing. Always be cautious of people who want to pay substantial amounts upfront or in cash. Be aware that they may also be proposing upfront rent to keep you away from the property. Requiring payments in monthly instalments is the safest option.

Carry out periodic inspections

It is essential that all landlords carry out periodic inspections, as they allow you to regularly take a look around your property and note down any suspicious activity. At the start of a tenancy, conduct an inspection every quarter to check up on the tenants and condition of your property. If your tenants refuse you access to the property, they may be hiding illegal substances.

Have cover against unauthorised alteration 

All landlords require Landlord Insurance to protect their pocket against damage to their investment. However, does your policy include cover against unauthorised alteration? If not, you won’t be covered for any damage caused by your tenants turning your properties in drug factories. Our 5 Star policy includes this essential cover as standard:

Follow these top tips to prevent drug factories forming in your properties, and always have cover in place to protect you against damage caused through this behaviour.

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