Transform the garden of your buy-to-let property

The garden of your buy-to-let property could be a vital component in luring potential tenants.

A relaxing, rejuvenated outdoor space can be ideal for all ages, from a family looking for somewhere for children to play, to young-professionals hoping to unwind with a glass of something after a tough day.

Here are some helpful tips to help your transform the garden of your rental property!

Let there be light-There is nothing better on a summers’ day than to unwind after dark in your garden. It will be a great selling point then to include outdoor lighting in your buy-to-let property. Basic lighting can include porch lights, whereas if you are feeling more creative, you call include wallmount downlights or electric lamps. Make sure you light walkways for safety!

All sit down-Of course, when socialising, comfort is imperative. Ensure you buy appropriate furniture for the outdoor conditions. Purchasing a gazebo or pagoda will be important given the questionable British weather! Your insurance won’t cover you for a soaked patio

Transform the garden of your buy-to-let property

Transform the garden of your buy-to-let property

Dress to impress-You would pick a colour scheme for your interior, so why not do the same for your exterior? Choose colourful cushions to add interest to plain furniture and be sure to include hanging baskets to give your garden warmth.

Define your space-Gardens always look more welcoming when different spaces are defined. A gazebo for example creates its own protective space for cooking, relaxing or dining. Features such as pergolas, trellises and arbors also define areas in the garden. Use them to create your own focal points and provide transitions from one area to another, according to function.

Keep it clean-An unkempt garden is extremely off-putting for would-be tenants and will look bad on you as a landlord. Before viewings, make sure the garden is mowed and any weeds are removed. What’s more, you should plant flowers or have hanging baskets to give your garden a more homely feel.

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