How to Transform your Kerb Appeal in Just 24 Hours

It’s almost that time of year again when the lettings market is flooded with tenants moving in and out of their properties. If you’re trying to let your property this spring, you must make sure that it stands out from the crowd. These top tips will help you transform your kerb appeal in just 24 hours…

As competition is set to surge in the rental market over the next few months, it’s essential that landlords do all they can to ensure their properties look as appealing as possible to prospective tenants.

How to Transform your Kerb Appeal in Just 24 Hours

How to Transform your Kerb Appeal in Just 24 Hours

These five quick and easy upgrades will completely transform the kerb appeal of your property in just 24 hours:

  1. Keep it symmetrical

Symmetry at the front of a home is pleasing to the eye, so will make the property more attractive to viewers. Although this may be difficult to achieve, adding a couple of plants either side of the front door is an easy trick, while outdoor lighting generally looks nicer in pairs.

  1. Make a statement with the front door

The front door is often the focal point of a home, so making sure it stands out is a great way of enticing a tenant into the property. There is no need to replace it completely, but giving it a fresh coat of paint in a classic colour will smarten the whole home up.

  1. Brighten up the garden

If the property has a front garden, you should make sure that it’s neat and tidy. Adding in some bright flowers and plants will completely transform the space and show off the home in the best light. Simply pop to your local garden centre and add in some lively blooms.

  1. Pay attention to detail

While you may not mind scuffs and scratches on the house number, letterbox and locks, potential tenants will definitely notice. It’s important that your property appears well looked after, especially if you want your tenants to take care of the place. Cleaning or replacing small touches will make all the difference.

  1. Tidy up the entryway

It is likely that you will have to lead prospective tenants into the property through some sort of entryway, so make sure it is tidy. The path or porch should always be clean, clear and inviting, and all trip hazards should be removed. This is particularly important when conducting evening viewings – outdoor lights will also help your tenants feel safe.

While all of these tips will make a massive difference to setting your property apart, they can all be completed within one day.

Paying attention to these small details will help to completely transform the kerb appeal of your property – and whether potential tenants make an offer!

If you sign a new tenancy this spring, remember that putting Rent Guarantee Insurance in place is the only way to ensure you still get paid if your tenants stop paying the rent:

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