Using professional cleaners

There is a bit of a mentality amongst some landlords that extra costs should be avoided wherever possible, and for a lot of properties this approach works. Keeping rents low ensures tenant demand is high and there is lots of opportunity for sustained income, but the obvious way isn’t always the answer. For some time, cleaning companies have been selling the benefits of taking on professional cleaners on a regular basis, but is there really value in generating extra costs?

Drawing in Tenants

Flats and apartments which come with cleaners are appealing to a certain kind of tenant: cleaners will draw in young professionals or high-end tenants who are keen for a hassle-free rental. This market is niche, though, so don’t expect it to appeal to every kind of tenant – if money is tight for your tenants then they will almost certainly object to paying for cleaners.

Keeping things in Shape

The other advantage of using professional cleaners on a regular basis if you can be sure that your property is being well serviced and well looked after. There’s no need to worry about returning to your property after tenants have moved out to find damages, dirt and a long list of claims for your landlord insurance provider.


Paying your Way

There are some basic sums to do if you’re thinking of taking on cleaners and if your margins are tight then it just might not be appropriate for your let. However, landlords with larger portfolios really can save by taking on a contract for many properties at once. This means that costs per property are relatively less and you can choose to pass on a minimal increase in your rental prices. Alternatively, you might want to take a bit of a margin on the provision of these services.

Taking on cleaners is often a very effective way of drawing in tenants and, in the right property, it’s a win-win situation: you can ensure your property is kept in shape while your tenants can benefit from a valuable service for a good price.

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