Do you want to Step into your Tenants’ Shoes?

Do you want to Step into your Tenants' Shoes?

Do you want to Step into your Tenants’ Shoes?

Any TV show that features landlords and tenants is bound to get our attention, so we’re excited to announce that you are being asked to step into your tenants’ shoes for a BBC One show.

We’re sure you’ll have heard of the BBC’s new programme The Week the Landlords Moved In, which has become a hit amongst the lettings community – it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Last week, our sister site Landlord News called on you to get involved in the next series of the show.

And now we’re urging our landlords to get in touch with the production company behind the popular programme for the chance to step into your tenants’ shoes for a week.

Boundless Productions, which makes the show for BBC One (along with Escape to the Country), is on the hunt for successful landlords to feature in the documentary series.

The show first aired at the end of June and was a weekly treat on Wednesday evenings at 9pm.

The show challenges landlords to move into their tenants’ properties for one week, in a bid to reveal what living in Britain’s private rental sector is really like in this day and age.

At a time when generation rent is growing and growing, the programme offers an insight for viewers into how housing is changing for tenants, and allows landlords to get a good idea of the benefits and issues faced by those living in their properties.

If you’re a successful landlord who’d like to get a taster of your tenants’ lives for a week, you could feature on the programme yourself. All you have to do is contact Sally from Boundless Productions at: or call: 0207 691 6202.

Do you want to step into your tenants’ shoes? We’d love to see our landlords on TV!

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