Waterfront Homes Demand Highest Premiums

Homes located on the waterfront cost an average of 56% more than inland properties in the UK, according to new research.

The study found that some waterfront houses demand premiums of up to 300%.

Waterfront Homes Demand Highest Premiums

Waterfront Homes Demand Highest Premiums

Many homebuyers dream of living near a river, lake or on the coast, however the high cost of doing so prevents lots from moving to these locations.

The desire to live in these areas comes despite the higher risk of flooding and therefore greater home insurance premiums.

The research found that slipways can add a premium of 128%, a mooring can add 117%, a pontoon 108%, access to a private beach 93%, a jetty 77% and 51% for a sea view.

The study discovered how much premiums are around the world, with homes on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah demanding a 75% increase.

In London, there are plans to regenerate Battersea Park, near the River Thames, into 3,400 new homes and the first public park built in the capital for 150 years. This suggests a strong desire for waterside properties.

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