Welcome Packs: the Perfect Way for Landlords to Start a New Tenancy

Recently, we’ve been thinking a lot about the private rented sector and the current changes being implemented to improve conditions for landlords, letting agents and tenants. Having effective rules and regulations are key to these improvements, of course, but we also believe that efforts can be made by individuals to create a more positive atmosphere.

As a landlord, there are some simple things you can do in order to get new tenancies off to a strong start. The better the initial relationship you have with your tenants, the easier matters can be in the future. A great way in which we feel this is achievable is by leaving a welcome pack to greet them as they first arrive. This pack can consist of whatever you like, just put yourself in their shoes and consider what people may need when they first move in. What might they have forgotten or packed away at the bottom of a box?

Welcome Pack

Welcome in Your New Tenants

We’ve come up with a few suggestions:

  • tea, coffee and sugar
  • rubber gloves and washing up liquid
  • a bottle opener
  • a first aid kit
  • an ‘in case of emergencies’ contact list

There are plenty of other options, so go as big or small as you like! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just give the message that you’ve put thought into their arrival and that you are approachable. The emergency contacts list can be particularly useful, as it will mean your tenants know exactly who to call depending on the situation. The last thing any landlord wants is to be called late at night for an issue that doesn’t concern them!

As well as a welcome pack, remember to consider what else you can do to make your new tenants feel welcome. For any electronics within the property, put all user manuals in visible place. Have a think of anything important they may need to know, such as the location of the stopcock.


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