What are the Must-Have Features Brits are Desperate to have in their Kitchens?

What do British people want in their kitchens?

How often do you redecorate your own home? How about the properties in your portfolio? For some, having a blank canvas to experiment with and create a fresh and new look is an exciting concept. For others, it may be a bit of an overwhelming nightmare…

What do British people want in their kitchens?

“Breakfast bars are at the forefront of our desires, it seems.”

DIY chain B&Q were interested to find out more about what the homeowners of Britain truly want, when it comes down to the design and style of their interiors. These findings are great, if you are looking for inspiration of your own!

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According to their survey, which included the thoughts and opinions of 2,000 people, the average dream kitchen for those in the UK would include a freestanding island, a smart dishwasher and a flat screen TV.

Breakfast bars are at the forefront of our desires, it seems, with one third saying this is a feature that they would love.

41% of the polled audience really like the idea of sleek pull-out cabinets.

There appears to be an overall preference for a minimalist style. The prospect of a slide and hide over appealed to 3 in 10 of the participants, and a pop-up cooker hood would make a big difference to 18%.

Looking beyond the fixtures and fittings, 49% expressed how important they felt it was to have natural light in the kitchen.

Mike Lavers, Category Manager for Kitchens at B&Q, has said: “The kitchen is the heart of the home for millions so it makes sense that there is a strong desire to make it the dream space.

“However, we’ve found people are overestimating the cost and don’t realise it is more affordable than they think – especially with everyday low prices.”

The overall top 30 features on the UK’s dream kitchen wish list are:

  1. A freestanding island
  2. Pull out cabinets
  3. A double sink
  4. Under-cabinet lighting
  5. View of the countryside out of the ‘washing up window’
  6. Smart dishwasher
  7. Smart washing machine
  8. Built-in fridge
  9. Patio doors opening out onto the back garden
  10. Breakfast bar
  11. Heated flooring
  12. Tap that dispenses boiling water instantly
  13. Granite worktops
  14. Sleek ‘slide and hide’ oven
  15. Fancy coffee machine
  16. Flat screen TV on the wall
  17. Wine fridge
  18. Smart oven
  19. Smart washing machine
  20. Plate-warming drawer
  21. Chunky taps
  22. Marble countertop
  23. Skylight
  24. Waste disposal unit in the sink
  25. Aga cooker
  26. A pop-up cooker hood
  27. Pendant lighting
  28. A cookbook shelf
  29. Touch-activated taps
  30. Built in speakers

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