Trustpilot is an online review platform that enables consumers to come together to provide transparent reviews on products and services.

As its name suggests, Trustpilot is committed to putting trust at the core of their processes and Just Landlords is delighted to be able to utilise their services.

Being Europe’s largest and fastest-growing review platform, Trustpilot helps customers to buy with confidence. By allowing experiences to be shared on its online community, Trustpilot allows consumers to make more informed and more detailed decisions.

Believing in open dialogue between consumers and companies, Trustpilot’s business model facilitates this service free of charge.

This model is also beneficial to companies, with transparency allowing an honest and open opinion to easily be shared-and viewed. It allows genuine reviews to be made by genuine consumers, with Trustpilot’s dedicated compliance team employing a zero tolerance approach towards fraud.

The TrustScore

The TrustScore generated by Trustpilot is designed to give consumers a quick and effective assessment of the review ratings a company has received. Emphasising newer reviews over older ones, the TrustScore is recalculated every time a new review is made.

Every review posted on Trustpilot has a star rating, determined by the customer leaving their views. This rating is then converted to a value between 0-10.

The contribution of every review is then assessed by age and by its Bayesian Average to give a final result of a TrustScore ranging from 0.0-10.0.

A visual star rating for each company is then generated by TrustScore:

Trustpilot Rating 1 Stars
TrustScore between 0 and 2.9 =1 star
Trustpilot Rating 2 Stars
TrustScore between 3.0 and 4.9 = 2 stars
Trustpilot Rating 3 Stars
TrustScore between 5,0 and 6.9 = 3 stars
Trustpilot Rating 4 Stars
TrustScore between 7.0 and 8.9 = 4 start
Trustpilot Rating 5 Stars
TrustScore between 9.0 and 10.0 = 5 stars

To find out more about Trustpilot and their services, visit their website

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