Most Agents Support Impending Ban on Tenant Fees, Finds Study

Most estate/letting agents support the Government’s impending ban on lettings fees charged to tenants and would like to see the end of Section 21 notices, found a new study.

Most Agents Support Impending Ban on Tenant Fees, Finds Study

Most Agents Support Impending Ban on Tenant Fees, Finds Study

The research, conducted amongst 130 agents nationwide for software provider Goodlord, revealed that these are the reforms that estate/letting agents are most supportive of:

  • The end of the landlord’s right to evict tenants without giving a reason
  • A ban on agents charging administrative fees to tenants for moving into a property or renewing a tenancy
  • A cap on the size of deposits required by landlords

The study also shows that there is a stark regional divide in agents’ views on the rental process, with those in London and the South East the least likely to regard the process as efficient or fair.

While 64% of London agents think that the rental process is fair to tenants, this figure is much lower than the 83% of agents across the rest of the country.

Significant support was also shown for these reforms:

  • 47% want to see a cap on rent rises so that they do not exceed inflation
  • 42% support compensation for tenants who are evicted through no fault of their own, to help with the cost of moving home
  • 35% think that there should be lease reform so that tenants can rent a home that is guaranteed for three to five years

The Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Goodlord, Richard White, comments on the findings: “Tenants across the country pay out vast sums of money each month for accommodation and service levels that are sub-standard, sometimes even dangerous. We know that they urgently want to see reform, but it may surprise many that estate agents also want to see reform of the sector they work in.”

The research, carried out during May this year, also interviewed 1,000 tenants on possible reforms to the private rental sector and their views on the renting process.

It found that there was a deep mistrust of landlords by tenants, with just a third having a “great deal of trust” that their landlord will fix things in good time, keep rent increases to reasonable levels or return their deposits.

The survey also shows that younger tenants – those aged under 35 – feel particularly vulnerable to poor treatment from landlords.

As ever, we encourage all landlords to act responsibly and build good relationships with their tenants.

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