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Whether you are a landlord managing your own tenancies or a letting agent looking after a landlord’s investment, our lettings articles are here to help. We provide tips about looking after properties specifically used by residential tenants and also information regarding various aspects of looking after a tenancy. You might also find relevant information within our Resource Centre that you may wish to share with your tenants in order to help them best look after their rented home.

The lettings industry in the UK can be affected by a number of changes introduced by the Government. For example, changes to the fees that a letting agency can charge a tenant as part of the recent Tenant Fees Act. As such, you may find it useful to read our articles discussing changes in the industry that may help with staying legally compliant.

There are various steps involved with letting a property, and we hope that our articles help to answer the questions you have about this subject. Whether you are a landlord, letting agent, or tenant, our aim is to provide useful information to help make the process of renting a property more straightforward. As well as providing comprehensive landlord insurance, we want to ensure visitors to our website can access useful resources whenever they need them. We look at topics regarding a range of lettings scenarios and different tenant types. This includes information to do with tenancy deposits and preparing a property for new tenants. We look to discuss topics that are useful whether you let to students, professionals, those who are retired, or families.

We’ve been updating our Resource Centre with articles about relevant lettings topics for over a decade, and in the process, we have built up our Resource Centre to include knowledge that has been gathered throughout Just Landlords’ time as a specialist landlord insurance provider.

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