AIIC responds to lettings complaint surge

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks has given its reaction to the news that the majority of complaints made to The Property Redress Scheme (PRS) in 2016 were connected to the lettings industry.

During August, The PRS published its annual report indicating a 40% increase in complaints made during the last year, compared to 2015. In addition, the organisation revealed 85% of complaints it received were made by tenants (51%) or landlords (35%).


Property management, deposit and rent disputes were the most common complaints received by the redress scheme during the last year, at 29%, 27% and 15% respectively.

Responding to the figures, the AIIC notes that the more complicated nature of the letting process, alongside an increase in legislation, could be responsible for the higher proportion of complaints in the sector.

The private rental sector suggests that the overall rise in complaints can be attributed somewhat to its membership growth, but also down to a greater understanding of the formal complaints procedure.

AIIC responds to lettings complaint surge

AIIC responds to lettings complaint surge


Danny Zane, Joint Chair of the AIIC, noted: ‘Here at the AIIC we were not surprised to see that the vast majority of complaints received by The PRS in 2016 were made either by landlords or tenants.’

‘Rental relationships can be complicated and the more transient nature of the letting sector increases the scope for disharmony between tenants, landlords and letting agents.’[1]

Emma Glencross, Joint Chair of the AIIC, said: ‘An impartial and professional inventory comprehensively details the condition and contents of the property at the start and end of the tenancy.’

‘They help to reduce disputes at the end of a tenancy as landlords can make fair and legitimate deposit deductions, while showing tenants exactly what they are being charged for.’

Concluding. Zane said: ‘That’s why we’re of the long-standing viewpoint that independent, professionally compiled inventories should be made compulsory by the Government.”

‘If all parties provided independently compiled professional inventories to a uniform standard then there would be fewer complaints relating to deposits.’[2]



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