Call for eviction firms to be regulated to ensure professionalism

Eviction firms must follow the correct procedure when looking to out tenants from their property, according to Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action.

The most recent figures from the Ministry of Justice reveal that repossessions now take 43 weeks on average. As such, Shamplina believes that landlords cannot afford to restart the process as a result of compliance errors.

Redress Schemes

Mr Shamplina has moved to call for presently unregulated eviction companies to become part of a redress scheme, in order to clean up the industry and protect landlords from any more unnecessary expenses.

Landlord Action has been working more with landlords who have faced difficulties with not only their tenant but also their unregulated eviction firm.

Shamplina noted: ‘To improve standards and provide a better service, we acquired status as an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) in landlord and tenant law, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  This means if a landlord has a complaint, they can report it. But not all companies are regulated, so landlords have nowhere to turn if they have a complaint, and this needs to change.’

‘Belonging to a redress scheme would be the first step to making improvements and ensuring consumer confidence,’ he added.[1]

Call for eviction firms to be regulated to ensure professionalism

Call for eviction firms to be regulated to ensure professionalism

Professionalism and Sensitivity

Sean Hooker, head of redress at the Property Redress Scheme, is also supportive of the notion that eviction companies should be better regulated.

Mr Hooker observed: ‘Eviction is a highly technical skill that should be conducted professionally and sensitively. It is also an area where practitioners should be very aware of the service they provide to their customers.’

‘This is where access to redress comes in, allowing landlords and their agents to have their service complaints determined by an independent and impartial third party and things to be put right. The introduction of such a provision, will raise standards in the eviction world, provide customers peace of mind and confidence in the sector and increase the reputation and standing of those specialists that provide a necessary and valuable service,’ Hooker concluded. [1]

Those looking for further advice on the correct eviction procedure can find this information in our evictions guide.


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