Don’t Scare off Potential Tenants by Preparing your Property
By |Published On: 31st October 2017|

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Don’t Scare off Potential Tenants by Preparing your Property

By |Published On: 31st October 2017|

It’s now officially autumn and, with Halloween chills in the air, it’s important that any landlords trying to let their properties don’t scare off potential tenants. We have some top tips for landlords looking to put their properties on the lettings market over the next few months.

Although the summer months are traditionally the best time to market a property, the lead up to Christmas and after New Year can also be busy periods. These ideas will help to maximise the potential of your property to prospective tenants…


Getting as much light in the home as possible is crucial in creating a bright, airy space. This can be achieved by keeping blinds and curtains open, as well as turning on lamps and overhead lights when it starts to get dark. If the property has a fire, use it, because this will make the home both cosy and lit up.

If the property is decorated up for Christmas, it’s important to make sure that this is tasteful. Christmas decorations can be in your best interest, however, as they make a property look more homely.


The heating in the property should be up a few degrees higher than usual, to warm potential tenants up from the cold outdoors. This will also create a welcoming atmosphere that will help guests relax during their viewing.

Don't Scare off Potential Tenants by Preparing your Property


A fresh paint job is always a good idea, but is particularly achievable for landlords going through a void period. As always, it’s good to go neutral, as this enables the viewer to picture the property as their own and doesn’t put them off with any garish colour schemes.

To accentuate a neutral backdrop, choose warmer shades and autumnal patterns for your accessories to keep the property on-trend and seasonal.

No extras 

As ever, remove anything that may put prospective tenants off. Make sure to get rid of any nasty smells, while ensure that any pets are out of the home. Plus, it’s common for people to have allergies or sensitivities, so remove animal hairs and candles.

An inoffensive scent would be a homemade cake or mince pie, which are always a welcome winter treat to accompany a hot cup of tea.

Also, make sure all boots, shoes and coats are packed away, and think about reorganising rooms to make them seem larger. Any carpets should have a deep clean before your market the property, and it goes without saying that the home should be tidy.

Out-of-season features

Summer photos can be great marketing tools to showcase what the property looks like in different lights, especially the garden. A photo album with all of the wonderful features during warmer months is a good idea to entice potential tenants about what they can look forward to in the summer.

Even in the winter period, outdoor space is a sought-after feature among renters and needs to look attractive. Make sure that you clear any leaves, mow the lawn and at least keep the flowerbeds in check. Clear away any outdoor furniture and turn on outside lights if you have them, to highlight the space on dark, nighttime viewings.


A top tip before marketing your property is to fix any shaky windows, as this will eliminate any leaks and noises from the wind. If there are any other issues that need fixing, it’s best to get them sorted now, so that your tenant moves in on good terms.

In the event of snow or ice, clear a pathway to the property and have a mat at the front door to prevent water or snow being brought indoors – you don’t want your guests to have a nasty fall before they even get inside!

Start getting your property in order now if you’re looking to get it let this winter – if you do spruce it up for the season, remember that you can enter our #AutumnIsHere competition by posting pics on Facebook or Twitter. Find out more here.

Good luck!

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