Our top 10 tips for spring cleaning a rental property

spring cleaning a rental property

Whether you are between tenants or looking to give your current ones some helpful advice, now is the time for spring cleaning a rental property!

Deep cleaning your property between tenancies is a good idea, especially as cleanliness is high on everyone’s list, with the current coronavirus outbreak. Put those void periods to good use and do the simple cleaning yourself to reduce the amount spent on professional cleaners. If the property isn’t in that bad a state, you may not need to hire a professional at all.

Our 10 tips for spring cleaning a rental property aim to help make it all more manageable!

1. Make one big clean into smaller tasks

Divide the entire task into more manageable ones by listing each room and then what needs cleaning within them. Being able to tick smaller jobs off a list as you go will give you a sense of progress.

2. Spring cleaning checklist

If you want a ready-made checklist list, Landlord News has a free one you can access and download from their website. It’s interactive, so you can tick off items via a smart device or computer, or you can print it off.

3. Close the door to each room when you’re done

When you begin a deep clean of a house it can feel like an impossible task. If you start by opening the doors to each room, you can then close them as you are finished in there. This will allow you to look back and actually see the progress you’ve made. Then you can look around and see how little you have left to go!

If you find yourself running low on supplies, save yourself from having to run to the shops and take a look in your cupboards. However, you should be aware of what substances can be used on certain surfaces without damaging them.

4. Baking soda and vinegar

As well as the go-to for helping your child create a prize-winning volcano for their science class, this duo also makes an impressive home essential. Unclogging blocked drains and removing grease from an oven are a couple of examples.

spring cleaning a rental property
Our top 10 tips for spring cleaning a rental property

5. Lemons

The acid in lemons can be used for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Whether it’s fresh or bottled juice, it can be added to your homemade supplies.

6. Dish soap

Simple dish soap with warm water can be used to remove grime from floors, walls and surfaces. As it’s made to be dermatologically friendly, it shouldn’t cause you any problems in most situations.

7. Toothbrushes

When you are ready to replace a toothbrush, instead of throwing it away, keep it! They’re great for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and removing stubborn limescale from taps. However, be careful not to use too much pressure when cleaning areas such as enamel baths.

8. Removing pet hair

If your previous tenants had pets, no matter how well they looked after the property, there may still be pet hair in the carpet. A rubber-bristled brush can work wonders for collecting together fur, making it easier to then vacuum.

9. Invest in the right equipment

As a long term investment, consider doing some research into vacuum cleaners. Having one that is good quality will not only make the job easier but last you for longer before having to buy a new one.

10. Protect yourself from malicious damage

On the off chance that you find a tenant has damaged property, suitable cover is essential. It’s worth taking a look at what is provided by a Landlord Insurance policy to make sure it provides what you need.

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