Portico NLA London Landlord Seminar 2019: A roundup of changes
By |Published On: 21st November 2019|

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Portico NLA London Landlord Seminar 2019: A roundup of changes

By |Published On: 21st November 2019|
Portico NLA London Landlord Seminar 2019: A roundup of changes

We attended the annual Portico NLA London Landlord Seminar at the Institute of Directors on Wednesday 20th November. Our knowledgeable Senior Account Executive Michael Ellis was there to speak to all guests about the insurance products we have available.

We had a great time meeting with those involved with the London property industry. Not only were we in great company, but the insightful seminars delved into important issues affecting the private rental sector (PRS). Here is our roundup of what was covered:

Policy Summary

During the first talk of the evening, NLA Policy & Public Relations Manager Meera Chindooroy discussed the current challenges we face in the PRS. The focus was on ongoing challenges, such as homelessness, taxation and the tenant fees ban.

Chindooroy also highlighted likely reforms for the future. This included energy efficiency, the Government’s pledge to achieve a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy by 2050, and the expansion of the rogue landlord database.

Then the more uncertain issues were addressed: the Government’s plan to scrap Section 21 and the idea to bring in longer tenancies.

Chindooroy provided a comprehensive roundup of progress in 2019 and highlighted important issues to look out for in the new year ahead.

Panel Discussion: After Section 21

Next was a discussion on what might be in store for the PRS if the Government does scrap ‘no fault’ eviction notices. This panel was made up of Meera Chindooroy, Portico Chief Executive Officer Robert Nichols, and Operations Manager, Benefits & Housing Needs of the London Borough of Hackney Andrew Crocher.

Guests were also invited to ask the panel their own questions in relation to the topic of Section 21.

State of the London Market

Vatche Cherchian, the Regional Director of Portico, went through the agency’s data on changes to house prices in London. We were surprised to learn that figures for stock listed on the market was at -24% for 2019. Cherchian also pointed out that a similar drop had occurred for rental stock on the market during this year.

Top tips on how to improve your yields

After a break to reflect on the topics covered so far, and much-appreciated refreshments, the next talk commenced. Hannah Watson, Director of Portfolio Services at Portico, took the stage. She provided her tips on how to make the most of your property investments in regards to yields.

Getting the best mortgage

Next, attendees heard from Jane Simpson, the Director of NLA Mortgages, on the subject of what to look for when it comes to mortgage products and finding the best one for you.

Flourish in the new tax regime

The final event of the night covered the topic of taxes for landlords and property investors, with advice provided by Mark Stemp, Partner at accountancy firm Crowe UK.

As usual, we had a lovely time at the Portico and NLA event. There is a lot to be gained from attending, as attendees not only get to meet with likeminded property investors, but they also hear from those looking at the industry’s facts and figures in more depth. As such, they provided a clear breakdown of the information that landlords need to be aware of.

Thanks to Portico and the NLA for having us once again! We look forward to meeting up in 2020 to look back on what will hopefully be another eventful year of positive change for the PRS.

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